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The NCCR North-South was one of 27 National Centres of Competence in Research implemented by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Additional support was provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. >> A Handful Of Stars Board Game by Martin Wallace Brand New

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Programme formally ends, but strong bridges between North and South remain
Begun in 2001, the NCCR North-South was a 12-year research programme that sought to aid development and show how it could be steered in a sustainable direction. Schuco - Volkswagen Up 3 Doors 2012 - 1 43Against the backdrop of global change, the programme established an integrative research approach to generate knowledge for sustainable development in developing and transition countriesMarklin 45685 HO HO Coca-Cola Refrigerator Car (Set of 2). Along the way, the programme built a network of partners in over 40 countries that continues to conduct research and provide support to decision-makers and policymakers, locally and globally.
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How to find NCCR North-South publications

You can search for publications by former members of the NCCR North-South programme on this web page. However, for technical reasons, not all publications are listed. You may also use the quick links listed below to access NCCR North-South special publication series, including Dialogues, Perspectives volumes, global and regional policy briefs, newsletters, and more.

Research highlights and policy implications

In this final brochure, we present some of the programme’s highlights and scientific achievements in the research fields of migration, conflict transformation, health care systems, sanitation and wastewater management, natural resources and sustainable regional development, and governance.

Download (English / PDF 4.3 MB)


North-South Alumni Network

The North-South Alumni Network was created in August 2008. It fosters exchange and social networking among former PhD candidates who participated in the programme, ensuring that valuable experience and insights are continually shared.753dm HO building Condo with balcony craft item mounted and ill The North-South Alumni Network has formed a closed group on LinkedIn. Members are listed under “Alumni”.

Link to Alumni Network


Research Partnerships for Sustainable Development

This brochure is a guide to the programme’s third and final phase, 2009-2013. During this time, the NCCR North-South consolidated a robust network of over 400 researchers worldwide.MTH 20-2211-1 BOSTON & MAINE GP DIESEL PredO 2 CONVERSION ,LNB LOT Efforts to transfer knowledge and experience from one region to another were often rewarded, such as when a Togolese researcher from Côte d’Ivoire helped devise a successful vaccination strategy to combat brucellosis in livestock in Kyrgyzstan.

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International Graduate School North-South

The International Graduate School (IGS) North-South was founded as a successor PhD programme by four of the six Swiss institutional partners of the former NCCR North-South. Gerhards 53001706 Game Quatro FlashThe IGS North-South is dedicated to cultivating a leading international research and training network that analyses the impacts of global change and advances sustainable development worldwide.N SCALE LOT OF 4 - COTTON BELT, NS, CP, GC 3 BAY ACF CENTERFLOW COV HOPPER It emphasises an integrative, partnership-based research approach based on innovation, practical application, and PhD-level studies. Explore the IGS North-South’s current offerings.

Link to IGS North-South 


Research for a changing world

This brochure reflects experience gained and lessons learned in the first two phases of the NCCR North-South programme. In the first phase, 30 core problems of global change were defined, and partnership regions and institutional partners were selected. VINTAGE METTOY O GAUGE TINPLATE MODEL No.5619 RAILWAY BRIDGE MIBThe second phase served to deepen these relationships and present a synthesis of the work done so far.

Download (English / PDF 3.6 MB)

New online database of partner institutions for transboundary research

Faller HO 1710 Combi-kit, Bridge And Building Model Kit Factory SealedKFPE and the International Graduate School North-South launched an online database of research institutions with experience working as transboundary research partners in cooperation with Swiss research centres and others in countries of the global South and East.Gemini - 12 Puzzle Pieces - Brain Game - Puzzle - Puzzle The database is a valuable resource for researchers who are seeking suitable research partners or wish to find institutions that possess key information or expertise.

Link to database of partner institutions 

Research partnerships with the global South

At the programme’s final policy event, 4 June 2013, politicians and researchers discussed the potential of North-South research networks and debated the role of politics vis-à-vis successful development cooperation.
Press release (German / PDF 129 KB) - Link to flyer (German / PDF 178 KB) - Link to flyer (English / PDF 178 KB)


Clips of the following programme-supported films were shown at the event to illustrate the value of research partnerships:Hot Wheels j2994 Ferrari M. Schumacher Monza 06 1 18 MODELLINO DIE CAST MODEL



Peco Sl-E1490 - Hom 12mm Échelle Code 75 Double Slip Electro-Frog - Suivi 48postThe NCCR North-South is hosted by the University of Bern and funded jointly by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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